Foraged and Treasured  Pot-pourri

Foraged and Treasured Pot-pourri

A medley of naturally dried and preserved ingredients bringing seasonal and organic aroma to your home. We have been sourcing the finest ingredients inspired by the incense history and exotic locations. The Soul Pantry Foraged & Treasured Pout-pourri is a beautiful collection of colour and scent. Dried echinacea flowers, organic roses, paper daisies, conifers pods, laurel leaves and fragments of Acacia Gum. The exotic and powerful tree resin that promotes well being and awakens senses. 

Three different moods to collect

  • Dream - Soft pastel tones of pink and blush 
  • Zen - Natural shades of white
  • Spice - Bright and vibrant tones of orange and amber 

Add 2 drops of Cedar Stone Oil, or your favourite scent once a month.