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Hanging Terrarium Orb Small 100mm

Hanging Terrarium Orb Small 100mm

This is one of our top sellers! These hanging terrariums look great in any office or home. The flat base makes it ideal for desktop. It can also be hung from the ceiling. It comes with care instructions sheet and hanging twine. perfect gift!
  • How to care for your Terrarium

    The principle behind the terrarium is really the same principle that the whole earth runs on. The rain falls, then evaporates into the air, gathers in the clouds, and falls again. It's the beautiful cycle of nature.

    Watering: Only use demineralised water or rain tank water!

    Because open lid terrariums loose a bit of their moisture, they need very more attention than closed lid terrariums . 

    Drip water at the roots once a week. NEVER OVERWATER! Spritzing with a mister will keep your moss lush. But don’t overdo it.. 

    Maintenance: Many plants in a terrarium will gradually outgrow their limited space. A little trimming quickly brings them into bounds, and often promotes side shoots that fill out plants. Be sure to remove all vegetation trimmed from the terrarium. You should also trim tips if they start to touch the glass. Remove any plant that begins to rot. Rot is often associated with too much moisture.

    Light: Terrariums are perfect for dorm rooms or offices because they require little light but be sure to keep your terrarium away from direct sun as the sun through the glass will cook your plants. It’s okay to place in a bright area, but not in direct sunlight. 

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