How to care for your Terrarium

Keep your masterpiece looking fresh even in the Australian Summer!

In the warmer months terrariums can struggle. In the scorching days in Brisbane, terrariums can suffer!

  1. Always remove dead leaves, or any rotten bits of bark. Some types of gravel, specially polished ones, can develop mould inside terrariums. If you spot any of those looking pebbles a bit "fury", just replace by a clean dry rock.

  2. Fruit Flies and Gnats can habitate terrariums as well. Take the lid off for a half an hour or so everyday. Choo the little buggers with your hand, blowing air inside the terrarium also helps. Add a Drosera plant to get rid of those little flying critters easy!

  3. Keep your terrarium in the coolest room in your house.

  4. Don't overwater.

  5. Keep it clean.

  6. If your terrarium always looks wet, take the lid off for a couple of hours everyday until it stops "sweating".

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